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SuperStroke Flatso 1.7 Golf Grips
SuperStroke Flatso 1.7

The SuperStroke FLATSO 1.7 pushes the limits of USGA grip size limit regulations and has provided popular for SuperStroke grip China fans. The FLATSO 1.7 features our parallel technology, new patent pending pentagonal shape, and flat-top design. These characteristics inhibit wrist action and promote shoulder rotation for consistency in your putting stroke. It's 1.70" in diameter weighing 100 grams, great for SuperStroke China golfers. It features a new high-tech PU material features CrossTraction technology for improved feel and tackiness. This SuperStroke grip also has Parallel technology increases consistency and lowers scores for every level of golfer. Flat –top, pentagonal design increases shoulder rotation and decreases wrist activity, creating a more repeatable putting stroke

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