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Matrix Putter Shafts
Volumes have been written about putting technique and the design engineering involved in making a better putter head. Of late, we have seen more emphasis on scoring with the putter since putting makes up approximately half of a round of golf. Little attention has been afforded to the putter shaft until now. Matrix engineers developed a multi-material composite structure to accentuate the stability and precision of the putter head, while isolating the feel of the golf ball in the hands. By experimenting through robot testing and blending composites such as Zylon and GMAT, Matrix engineers found a way to remove undesirable vibration through the shaft while also reducing putter head oscillation, leaving the isolated feel of the ball on the face and greater stability from start to finish of the stroke. Available in black or white along with weight options of 125g, 135g or 145g. Also, Available in belly length black or white in 180g.