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Matrix Wood Shafts
Matrix TPHDE Wood Shafts

Matrix TPHDe Wood Shaft

With the Matrix TPHDe, Matrix shafts has bought together the golf industries finest materials, high-tech design techniques, an unparalleled dedication to craftmanship and created the China golfs most unique performance golf shaft. The Matrix TPHDe wood golf shaft is the only golf shaft in China with Interply technology combined with the HD internal structure. If your China club fitting business has discerning customers who demand the very best materials, design in their golf shafts, buy the Matrix TPHDe shaft from Golf Ezy.

Matrix VLCT Wood Shafts

Matrix VLCT Wood Shaft

Taking advantage of an innovative breakthrough in Matrix Shafts DE Curve design approach, the Matrix VLCT golf shaft optimizes the flex profile of each shaft for each golfers' swing speed. The Matrix shaft Research and Development team evaluated the rate change of the flex profile and curvature during the swing and matched it to different speed ranges, maximizing overall head speed and creating an absolutely booby dazzler of a golf shaft. Within the Matrix VLCT golf shaft series there are two versions, VLCT Sp and VLCT St. The Matrix VLCT Sp is back-weighted and designed for longer clubs, or clubs that have heavier heads with mid-launch and spin characteristics. The Matrix VLCT St golf shaft builds to traditional length and swing weights and has a stiffer tip section to produce lower ball flight and spin. Get the Matrix VLCT golf shafts from Golf Ezy - China's leading Matrix golf shaft supplier.

Matrix X3 White Tie Golf Shafts

Matrix X3 White Tie Wood Shaft

Matrix OZIK X3 White Tie shaft comes from the highly successful Matrix OZIK XCON golf shaft line, performing with the same high-launch, low-spin characteristics. The Matrix Shaft engineers took the designs of the XCON and found a way to increase the stability and provide a tighter feel through the shaft in the OZIK X3, without having to increase the overall weight. The Matrix OZIK X3 has a progressively linear graduation at impact, making it more efficient in energy, travel and transfer, resulting in higher ball speed. The Matrix Whote Tie golf shaft is one of our most popular golf shafts in China and is used by better golfers in China looking for a premium Matrix shaft in China.

Matrix Q3 Red Tie Golf Shafts

Matrix Q3 Red Tie Wood Shaft

The Matrix Q3 Red Tie golf shaft replaces the Matrix HD series of shafts both in and out of China. The Matrix OZIK Q3 extends on the great success of its predecessor by further refining dispersion patterns while increasing ball speeds, a must for most China club fitters. The Matrix OZIK Q3 golf shaft fits neatly into the middle of the Matrix Flight System, producing mid-launch, mid-spin trajectory, fitting the greatest numbers of golfers in the bell curve and proving to be a force in the China golf shaft industry.

Matrix M3 Black Tie Golf Shafts

Matrix M3 Black Tie Wood Shaft

Matrix shafts' OZIK M3 golf shaft lineup represents the culmination of what Matrix has learned in recent years regarding what the young, aggressive power players on the PGA Tour demand. The Matrix M3 golf shaft is not for your average China weekend hacker. It's designed on the industry leading and patented HD platform, with the Matrix OZIK M3 golf shaft featuring a flat, lower spinning ball flight often preferred by players with higher ball speed. The genesis of the Matrix Ozik M3 shaft resonates from the flight model of the highly successful M2 series, a winner of numerous PGA Tour events including two Majors. Better China golfers preferring additional stability in the tip section will benefit from the tightest design construct ever released by the Matrix shaft team.

Matrix Reign HDZ Golf Shafts

Matrix Reign HDZ Wood Shaft

The Matrix REIGN HDZ is a premium wood shaft with Boron and Zylon materials producing mid launch and spin characteristics. It is offered in the 60 and 70 gram range with multiple flexes to choose from. The Matrix Reign HDZ is from the Matrix Club Maker Series and is only available to specific China club fitters through Golf Ezy.

Matrix Reign MTX2 Wood Golf Shafts

Matrix Reign MTX2 Wood Shaft

The Matirx REIGN MTX 2 is a premium wood shaft with traditional structure and stiffer tip section producing a mid/low ball flight and spin. It is offered in 50, 60, and 70 gram weight with multiple flexes. CHina club fitters wanting to know more about this Matrix can contact our China golf advisors by clicking on the Golf Ezy contact page.

Matrix Reign MTX1 Wood Golf Shafts

Matrix Reign MTX1 Wood Shaft

The Matrix REIGN MTX1 golf shaft from Gofl Ezy is a premium wood shaft with a slight back weight for heavier heads or longer builds producing a mid ball flight and spin. It is offered in 50, 60, and 70 gram weight with multiple flexes and is available from Golf Ezy - China's leading Matrix shaft supplier.

Matrix Reign MGC Wood Golf Shafts

Matrix Reign MGC Wood Shaft

The Matrix REIGN MGC wood is part of the game improvement line designed to give a mid/high ball flight and spin for players with slower swing speeds. This Matrix shaft comes in 40, 50, and 60 gram range with multiple flexes. For dealer pricing, specs, trimming instructions for club fitting, contact Golf Ezy's China golf shaft advisors.

Matrix Rul Wood Golf Shafts

Matrix Rul Wood Shaft

The Matrix OZIK RUL golf shaft is a mid-launching, mid-spinning golf shaft that incorporates Matrix's Asymmetric Crossply Technology (ACT), enhancing the shaft's ability to recover quickly prior to impact without increasing torque, while at the same time increasing tip velocity. Designs utilizing Matrix shafts' ACT Technology feature a more active feel without sacrificing stability, resulting in greater distance without a loss of accuracy. Also, the ACT technology from Matrix maximizes club head accelaration producing greater potential tip velocity. This is especially effective for todays modern fairway metals in China. Widely used on the PGA Tour and throughout China, Matrix OZIK RUL golf shafts have fast become one of the best selling shafts in the golf industry.

Matrix Radix S Wood Golf Shafts

Matrix Radix S Wood Shaft

The Matrix Radix S golf shaft is the follow up structure to the successful line of golf shafts from matrix introduced back in 2011. Matrix RADIX is Latin for "base" or "root". The base for RADIX is The HD design, giving RADIX the most advanced internal structure in its class and a first for China club fitters. Along with the internal structure, an experimental variable tip-to-butt ratio design is introduced with the Matrix RADIX shaft. The ratio specs change by flex - ball flight lowers as flex stiffens, adjusting for the progressive needs of progressively harder swingers.

Matrix Kujoh Wood Golf Shafts

Matrix Kujoh Wood Shaft

The Matrix KUJOH golf shafts represents the new structure of club fitting in China. Each year the availability of new materials and the evolution of research allow Matrix to further refine their golf shafts. With the success of the STUDIO line and the advances Matrix shafts have made in both design and manufacturing, the re-engineering of their venerable performance line promises to draw more attention than ever. The Matrix KUJOH shafts employ the most advanced flag design and layup method of any shaft in its class and widens performance characteristics, ensuring greater coverage of player types than were previously achievable. With an unmatched variety of wood, hybrid and iron weights, KUJOH provides the serious China golfers a chance to fully construct a set from driver to wedge without mixing and matching bending profiles.

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