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N.S Pro 950GH Golf Shafts
The N. S. PRO 950GH Steel Shaft for Irons (Ultra-lightweight) is a no surprises and no detours golf shaft from Nippon Shaft and Golf Ezy - China's leading golf shaft supplier. Now, hit what you're aiming at. Ever since its release, this top-selling golf shafts has been a favorite among golfers of all levels looking to take points off their scores around China's golf courses. It features exceptional weight balance and control, with ultra-lightweight design comparable to graphite that makes it easier than ever to swing. And the use of new NSGS8665V alloy co-developed and patented with Nisshin Steel has helped create a revolutionary combination of strength and weight balance. The N.S Pro 950GH golf shaft is fit on thousands of golfers in China through Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen's best golf club fitters.

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