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N.S Pro Regio Formula Golf Shafts
Choose the blue N.S. PRO Regio formula for maximum distance or the red N.S. PRO Regio MB for distance plus accuracy. Fulfilling the perennial desire of golfers to "hit as straight and as far as possible," Nippon Shaft ingeniously blends renowned steel expertise with a new carbon design philosophy. The resulting advantages of this sensitive, high-performance carbon shaft – namely controllability and maximum carry – are realized by combining the flexibility of steel with the strong kick of N.S. PRO's unique, cutting-edge torsional rigidity.

Extend your carry distance with increased initial velocity, decreased spin and optimized angle of trajectory. Made possible by years of ball flight R&D, the N.S. PRO Regio formula with core shell rubber (CSR), new epoxy resin and high tip rigidity is the perfect formula for long drives.

Double elasticity delivers stunning initial velocity for power drives. New high-elasticity sheets are the most notable feature of the N.S. PRO Regio formula. Through a combination of carbon fiber and core shell rubber (epoxy resin mixed with CSR), they strengthen the shaft and deliver more powerful impact. A multi-layered bias layer consisting of high and ultra-high elasticity sheets contributes to even harder impact. Moreover, the doubled effects of combining highly elastic carbon fiber sheets (80t) with CSR result in higher initial ball velocity.

The proprietary rigid tip reduces spin and accelerates flight. The N.S. PRO Regio formula is lighter than the N.S. PRO Regio, yet delivers less spin and higher trajectory. The secret to its remarkable performance is the bending profile of the shaft, which includes a soft mid section and extremely hard tip section. Its low-torque design also keeps the head steady to enable more accurate impact, while a uniquely rigid butt section increases initial velocity. Large shaft flex also provides a more powerful kick that reduces spin and lengthens shots.

Uniquely designed for a strong kick that optimizes trajectory angle and height. This shaft is reinforced from butt to mid section by an ultra-high elasticity (70t) sheet. It also features a steady grip that helps ensure a smooth stroke from downswing to impact and follow through. Newly increased rigidity in the tip section is perfectly complemented by a strong kick. The resulting swinging ease contributes to a trajectory angle that is optimized for achieving considerable distance.

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