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N.S Pro Regio MB Golf Shafts
For golfers of every level who long for distance. The N.S. PRO Regio series is comprised of three types of shafts with eight models that vary by weight and other properties. The series is designed to accommodate different types of swings, transfer the player's full power to the club head without power loss, and drive the ball long to your intended location. Overall high quality achieved through meticulous attention to detail. The N.S. PRO Regio incorporates unprecedented steel technology innovations that reduce shaft vibration values and shot dispersion to the same level as steel. This successful new design philosophy improves carry and control at the same time.

A groundbreaking flight mechanism infused for high performance. That shaft flexes smoothly, due to optimized rigidity at the butt, making shaft control easier during swings. The downswing is also eased by a highly rigid mid section, while steel-like flexibility realizes an ideal kick. Moreover, high torsional rigidity in the tip optimizes impact by reducing head and shaft wobble. Clear swing feedback supports confident drives. The highly rigid tip and whole-length flexibility of this shaft contributes to long, steady drives. Its main strength is excellent controllability, enhanced by clear and accurate feedback from the club head during swings. Optimized tip rigidity also produces medium-to-high trajectory with minimal spin. It's just one more example of how cutting-edge Nippon Shaft technology realizes long, straight drives.

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