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True Temper DG Pro Golf Shafts

China golf Pros and those aspiring to play like them want to have confidence that their irons will fly with exact trajectory and distance each time. The True Temper DG Pro is the industry's first progressive iron shaft and is now available at Golf Ezy. With Progressive Technology, everything about True Tempers DG Pro shaft is progressive inclusing the flex profile, step pattern, weight profile, and internal material distribution. This allows True Temper shafts to tailor the specific playing characteristic of the long, short, and mid irons for optimum feel, spin control and trajectory and ultimately confidence-inspiring performance. There is a new gold standard in golf shafts in China and Golf Ezy says it's the True Temper DG Pro. The True Temper DG Pro golf shaft is now available exclusively through True Temper Performance Fitting Centers throughout China including Shanghai and Beijing including Golf Ezy.

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