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True Temper DG Spinner Golf Shafts

True Tempers DG Spinner golf shafts is a one-of-a-kind wedge shaft designed to increase ball spin during those crucial wedge and approach shots. Powered by a specially engineered section just beneath the grip, True Tempers Spinner technology can increase your ball's spin rate by as much as 700+ RPM. The result: a wedge shot with greater stopping power on the green and the proven accuracy that has made True Temper the number one iron shaft on tour globally. true Tempers DG Spinner shafts are an optimized wedge series and available in two flexes: Wedge flex for sand and lob wedges Wedge+ flex for gap and pitching wedges. If you're a club fitter in China wanting to find out more information on the True Temper DG Spinner golf shaft, get in touch with Golf Ezy, the China golf shaft experts.

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